[Twisted-Python] AMP Client disconnecting from server on high memory usage

Dan-Cristian Bogos danb.lists at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 22 13:48:29 EDT 2011

Hey Guys,

Some issue I've met recently when experimenting with AMP.
Have created an AMP client connecting to a server and stay there
connected (using tap services).
The issues I am getting is that as soon as I load some more serious
data into twisted process (about 700MB on a virtual machine with 3GB
of ram available) the AMP Client does not longer stay connected to the
server. The data is loaded at startup using another service (loading
data by simulating it - adding random strings to some tuple).  I am
using twisted 10.2 out of pypi packages.
I should mention that with small amount of data in memory the
connection stays stable just fine. In logs there is nothing except
seeing the client connecting and disconnecting in the same second.

Any of you know any memory configuration somewhere in the code?

Thanks in advance for any kind of tip!


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