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Hi Lauren:

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>Greetings fellow Twisted aficionados!

>So, Allen (dash) and I have decided that we were going to co-do the >Twisted Extreme talk at PyCon US 2011. Extreme talks are like talks, >except with less talking and more coding, so preferably something >actionable for an entire 45 minutes! That most likely means many steps: >start small, and then do something more complex.

I am probably going to submit an extreme talk for PyCon 2011. I'll either refine the "Prototyping Go's Select" talk. Or discuss about my work-in-progress about join conditions. Twisted has a simple join in the form of a deferred list.

Inspired by the Ray Hettinger Monocle post-talk discussion and writing examples with stackless.select(), I thought submitting another extreme talk that would revisit the lost world of Stackless Python/Twisted integration. As we discussed, why not a special reactor that incorporates the Stackless scheduler? Right now, a lot my examples use Twisted for sleep(). Creating a Stackless reactor would hopefully allow me to get rid of stuff like

This way I can get rid of stuff like:

l = task.LoopingCall(stackless.schedule)
stackless.tasklet(santa)(reindeers, elves)

and eventually 

def tick(seconds):
    tickCh = stackless.channel()
    reactor.callLater(seconds, tickCh.send, None)

what is particularly exciting is talk in the pypy-dev list about incorporating Stackless with the JIT....


P.S - I have provided an example of using Stackless and Twisted to solve the Santa Claus Problem

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