[Twisted-Python] Don't Thread On Me t-shirt proposal

Stephen Thorne stephen at thorne.id.au
Wed Oct 20 21:09:06 EDT 2010

On 2010-10-21, Laurens Van Houtven wrote:
> > (Now I'm thinking that, for PyCon, we could have an alternate version of
> > the shirt, done up like a concert tour shirt, except instead of listing
> > locales we could list all of the tickets closed as 'fixed' in 2010, for
> > anyone who worked on a ticket this year.  I don't know if there are too many
> > to fit on the back of a shirt though!)
> >
> +1, sounds good, not sure if that's feasible since I have no idea how many
> names that are
> Another option: "No communication without asynchronization!"

Really excited about these ideas. My original twisted tshirt is getting
quite old and ratty.

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