[Twisted-Python] Handling of NMEA messages

Albert Brandl albert.brandl at weiermayer.com
Mon Nov 29 07:01:49 EST 2010


We are working on a project that has to extract weather information from 
an NMEA stream. There is a NMEAReceiver class, but it only extracts GPS 
information - as expected, since the class is defined in t.p.gps.nmea.

We intend to add the NMEA-0183 messages necessary for my purposes. The
question is: should we just extend the NMEAReceiver? Weather information
is not exactly what one would expect in a class below t.p.gps...

On the other hand, it would be strange to create a different kind of
NMEAReceiver which knows how to handle the messages dealing with
weather data.

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