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Okay. Well that's not so great - these TextEntryDialogs are quite important to the program. Anyway on Windows and Linux, ShowModal() seems to work really well with wxreactor, and it is only Mac OS X that is the problem.
Thank you.
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> On 17 Nov, 09:56 pm, rsgames at inbox.com wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I have been using the following code to show the user a
> >TextEntryDialog, that would allow users to enter data in, and press
> >return. Since I've started using Twisted, this doesn't work on Mac OS
> >X. The dialog pops up okay, but you can't actually enter any data into
> >the box. The cursor does not appear. When I click inside the box to try
> >to make it appear, it quickly disappears again.
> >def handle_input(data):
> >prompt=data.replace("+INPUT ","")
> >new=wx.TextEntryDialog(global_vars.frame, "", prompt)
> >new.Raise()
> >if new.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK:
>>  socks.sockObj.sendData(new.GetValue())
> >else:
>>  socks.sockObj.sendData("+~!?CANCEL?!~")
>>  new.Destroy()
> You probably want to avoid modal dialogs (in any toolkit) when
> integrating with Twisted.  The require a reentrant mainloop to
> implement, and no Twisted reactor (ie, mainloop) is reentrant.
> Whether or not the fact that this is a modal dialog is actually causing
> this particular problem, I don't know.
> Jean-Paul
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