[Twisted-Python] wxReactor Issues

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Sun Nov 14 18:34:44 EST 2010

I made a mistake in my previous message, this issue is on Windows, Linux and Mac. One of my testers gave me incorrect information.
I apologize.
Thank you.
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> Hi,
> I think the best way to debug this is to give you all the source code.
> You can find it here: http://bit.ly/doEiEJ
> To give you all some background on this project: It is a freeware client
> that uses sockets to connect to a multiplayer game server (currently
> plays Monopoly and Uno). You will immediately notice there are no
> graphics. That is because this client only provides audio feedback
> through speech synthesis and sound effects. The target audience of this
> project is visually impaired gamers.
> To test the issue, run python rsg.py (which can be found in the src
> folder. In case you need to know, I use Python 2.6.5). In a terminal, you
> will see the output the program produces (which is mostly what the server
> sends to our client). Once you see the line "Connection Made" (which
> should print very shortly after running), try closing the program (by
> clicking the X). The client will hang for a few seconds, and then you
> will need to force quit the application (on Ubuntu, it comes up asking if
> I want to force quit the application). say
> It should be noted that this issue does not occur on Windows, only on
> Linux (I've tested with Ubuntu) and Mac.
> Thank you.

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