[Twisted-Python] wxReactor Issues

RSGames Support rsgames at inbox.com
Sun Nov 14 18:12:18 EST 2010

I think the best way to debug this is to give you all the source code. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/doEiEJ

To give you all some background on this project: It is a freeware client that uses sockets to connect to a multiplayer game server (currently plays Monopoly and Uno). You will immediately notice there are no graphics. That is because this client only provides audio feedback through speech synthesis and sound effects. The target audience of this project is visually impaired gamers. 

To test the issue, run python rsg.py (which can be found in the src folder. In case you need to know, I use Python 2.6.5). In a terminal, you will see the output the program produces (which is mostly what the server sends to our client). Once you see the line "Connection Made" (which should print very shortly after running), try closing the program (by clicking the X). The client will hang for a few seconds, and then you will need to force quit the application (on Ubuntu, it comes up asking if I want to force quit the application). say

It should be noted that this issue does not occur on Windows, only on Linux (I've tested with Ubuntu) and Mac. 

Thank you.
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> On Sun, 2010-11-14 at 09:28 -0800, RSGames Support wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Well, I close the application (by clicking the X). Then a few seconds
>> later, Ubuntu comes up with a dialog asking me if I want to force quit
>> the application. gdb reports the following when I force quit: Program
>> terminated with signal SIGKILL, Killed.
> That's *not* "crashing", that's "not exiting". The SIGKILL is coming
> from the forced kill. So the real issue is, it's not exiting, and it's
> not exiting because, as you say, there's still threads running. Does
> your program start/use any threads itself?
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