[Twisted-Python] Conch as a file transfer server

Laurens Van Houtven lvh at laurensvh.be
Fri Nov 5 21:28:55 EDT 2010


I've figured out vaguely how to use Conch as a file transfer client
thanks to the cftp script. I'm currently trying to adapt the simple
SSH server script example (link below) to do file *serving*. I can't
find any example code that actually does this or documentation on this

There's conch's test_filetransfer which indeed does have some server
parts, but being unit tests they gloss over a lot of the things I
think I need to know to get this working for an actual file server.
For example, what's the difference between SSHSession and ISession?
They both appear to be 'sessions' in the SSH sense. Why does ISession
not do anything about subsystems? Do I need one if I'm just using a
subsystem and not opening a shell? If so: is it just a stub, or does
it need to implement behavior? I would guess it's just stubs, since
invoking subsystems does not mean opening a shell.

link to the example:

Ideally, does anyone have any code somewhere that actually serves a file?

thanks in advance,

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