[Twisted-Python] signalfd

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 21:45:39 EDT 2010

On modern linux, signalfd can be used to convert sigchld into an event on a 
file descriptor.  Looks like just what is wanted for processProtocol.

There is also a python interface here:

This test seems to work for me:

import signalfd
import signal
import subprocess
import select

signalfd.sigprocmask (signalfd.SIG_BLOCK, [signal.SIGCHLD])
fd = signalfd.signalfd (-1, [signal.SIGCHLD])

child = subprocess.Popen (['sleep', '5'])
while True:
    a,b,c, = select.select ([fd], [], [])
    print 'a:', a, 'b:', b, 'c:', c
    if child.poll() != None:

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