[Twisted-Python] connectionLost never reached after calling loseConnection: stuck in CLOSE_WAIT forever

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Nov 1 12:31:12 EDT 2010

On 04:29 pm, ste at demaledetti.net wrote:
>Il 01/11/2010 15:34, Stefano Debenedetti ha scritto:
>>I'll try to replicate and to figure out what does
>>FileDescriptor.unregisterProducer need to do instead of the probably
>>too dumb lines I added there:
>>if self.disconnecting:
>>     self.startWriting()
>Alright, I added a test case that replicates the new error
>introduced by the above change and included it in a new proposed fix:
>if self.connected and self.disconnecting:
>    self.startWriting()
>This new patch now passes both new unit tests.
>Sorry about the noise, if I find any more issues about this I'll
>post them to the ticket page instead of polluting the mailing list
>with replies to myself.

This is really awesome.  Thank you very much. :)


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