[Twisted-Python] OSC protocol implementation

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Apr 26 11:56:17 EDT 2010

On 03:07 pm, arjan at scherpenisse.net wrote:
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>Hi list,
>some months ago, I created an implementation of the OSC protocol [1] in
>twisted, together with Alexandre Quessy.
>I've put it to review but so far nobody has responded to it:

Hi Arjan,

Just a point of procedure, the ticket is not actually in "review" as the 
Twisted development process understands it.  Tickets with the "review" 
keyword are in review, and receive particular attention.  Other tickets 
easily get lost in the large pile of open tickets.
>As stated in the ticket we'd like to release and maintain this as part
>of twisted but we'd also like to release this soon(ish).
>So my question is: what are your opinions about including the OSC
>protocol as a standard part of twisted and what will be the expected
>time frame for such a thing to happen?

This is mainly a question of when someone finds it interesting enough to 
review the code.  Personally, while I remember commenting on that ticket 
a couple months ago, I had to go re-read the wikipedia page to remember 
what OSC is.  Since this is a protocol I've never come across before and 
which I can't think of any immediate applications that are relevant to 
me, it's not likely I'll spontaneously go review the code.  Perhaps 
there is another developer who would be interested in this who will do 
so.  Posting on the list is a good way to try to get attention, as is 
asking in the Freenode #twisted irc channel.  If you can't find someone 
who wants to review it just because they're interested, you might be 
able to trade for a review of another ticket.

Hope this helps,

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