[Twisted-Python] data update to multiple clients

Chris Cusack chris at cusack.net.au
Mon Apr 5 07:39:18 EDT 2010

Probably another newbie question but after much effort I am not  
progressing on the following.

I am trying to design a system where I have a microprocessor  
periodically feeding data on a serial connection to a server script. I  
would then like the server script to notify one or more client scripts  
of the changed data across a local network. I have tried a few simple  
tcp server and client script examples which communicate well for a  
single call but do not seem to suit my application which is not client  
event driven. I considered having each client connect to the server  
every ?? seconds to query for new data but there may be a better way.

Can anyone suggest a suitable design approach using twisted? Is there  
any example code available that may be similar.


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