[Twisted-Python] Boston Twisted Sprint

Jessica McKellar jessica.mckellar at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 23:23:12 EDT 2009

To my knowledge you aren't missing e-mails. I asked jml last week about the
Sprint since I wanted to know if it was still happening and he indicated
that he was unable to organize the Sprint at this time. I then volunteered
to try and get something concrete happening, be it an on-time Sprint or be
it a delayed Sprint. A location and funding hadn't been secured by the time
I asked last week so that's why there aren't really any options for


On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 10:59 PM, Steve Steiner (listsin) <
listsin at integrateddevcorp.com> wrote:

> On Sep 20, 2009, at 10:09 PM, Jessica McKellar wrote:
> > Let's try this again:
> >
> > The proposal was for a sprint in Boston from September 28-October 2.
> > That starts a week from today.
> I'm sorry, maybe I missed something.  The last message I have on this
> list, about this event, is from July 29th wherein I indicated my
> possible Thurs->Sun availability.
> Were there other subsequent messages about this event that I missed?
> My search for "sprint" in my Twisted List e-mail folder only pulls up
> the message from the 29th, then yours from 10:09PM today; nothing in
> between.
> Thanks,
> S
> P.S.  I have comments/issues/etc. about the rest of the event, but
> let's just handle one thing at a time i.e. messages about the event
> between 2009-07-29 -> present.
> s
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