[Twisted-Python] What is the difference in between reactor.running and reactor._stopped

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Ok,let me express what i want to do clearly.
I use twisted to transfer a file.What i do is to open a file in client,then transfer it by TCP.Server received it and write it into a file.
The filename in "reactor.connectTCP(HOST,PORT,TSClientFactory(filename))" is  what i want to transfer.
If i want to transfer two file,what i do is to write "reactor.connectTCP(HOST,PORT,TSClientFactory(filename))  reactor.run(installSignalHandlers=0)" twice.But this will be error which you have told me. Now how could i to solve this problem?

Meanwhile,if transfered file is big,the server's "dataReceived" function will  be called several times to receive all the data.If i transfer all of files one time,using "reactor.connectTCP(HOST,PORT,TSClientFactory(filenameList))". It will be hard to distinguish these different files in server,because "dataReceived" just receive.Could you have some way in twisted to notice server the end of previous file and to receive a new file by recalling "dataReceived" function , instead of receiving all the data together.

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> >Thank you for your instruct! I am a new people in twisted,so I still 
> >have another problem.
> >If i transfer a lot of data(a big file),program will hang when 
> >transmission finished.
> >If transfering a few words ,program will give me another chance to 
> >input.
> >what's the reason about this?
> Hi,
> I don't quite understand your message.  I'm not sure how it relates to 
> Gabriel's question or my answer to it.  Perhaps you could start a new 
> thread and provide more details about your program, what it does, how 
> you expect it to behave, and how it is actually behaving?
> Jean-Paul
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