[Twisted-Python] Seeking advice on use of Perspective Broker

Brett Sheffield brett at gladserv.com
Thu Sep 17 15:09:43 EDT 2009

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
>  1) Is the Twisted Matrix book published by Orielly relevant ie. updated enough?

Yes.  I just read it and it has excellent Perspective Broker examples in
chapters 5 & 6 which got me to a flying start recently.   Obviously
you'll want to read the online docs too.

It doesn't cover twisted.web and nevoew very well because the API was
still shifting about then, but the rest seems pretty good.  It was
published in 2006.

>  3) Are there any further documentation/tutorial resources online
> giving close to real world use of Perspective Broker

All the building blocks are documented, but I don't know of a really
good online example using all the security features fully.  Hopefully
someone else will respond here and tell me I'm wrong. :-)

>  4) Is it safe to assume that Twisted provides quite a bit in the way
> of securing communications between client and server

You used "safe" and "assume" in the same sentence.  Next you'll be
saying "should" ;-)

But yes, all the bits are there - you'll need to plug them together though.

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