[Twisted-Python] about process !!!

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Sep 11 10:39:49 EDT 2009

On 02:26 pm, freddy at cbm.uo.edu.cu wrote:
>My friends, I need your help... I have an application in python, and I 
>execute this application with twisted... my problem is that when I run 
>application without twisted, there is not a problem, but when I run it 
>twisted as a twisted's process, I have some problem... my application 
>it's a
>server and when it receive one file with the char ' " ', the server 
>through an
>Exception, but when I run the application as standalone, there is not a
>problem !!!

Hi Freddy,

Unfortunately, the way you've asked your question will make it very 
difficult for anyone to provide you with a productive answer.  We don't 
know what your application is.  We don't know what it means to "run the 
application with twisted" or "run it with twisted as a twisted's 
process".  These phrases are too vague to assign a specific technical 
meaning to.  It's also not clear what the error condition you're 
encountering is.

http://sscce.org/ may help you formulate a better question so that we 
can help you.


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