[Twisted-Python] TDD using Trial

Nathan Lundquist morbid.concept at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 22:15:02 EDT 2009

Tim and Paul,

Thanks for all the information. Exactly what I was looking for.

Paul Hubbard wrote:
> I also found this quite helpful in writing StringIO tests -
> http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/browser/branches/trial-tutorial-2443-2/doc/core/howto/trial.xhtml
> My code is nowhere near the standards of Twisted yet, but FWIW here's  
> what I came up with:
> http://amoeba.ucsd.edu:82/?p=attribute_store.git;a=blob;f=test/test_protocol.py;h=1d7df304a757adddfe98ab7e01e0aa15d29a1571;hb=HEAD
> HTH,
> Paul
> On Aug 30, 2009, at 6:08 PM, Tim Allen wrote:
>> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 01:40:34PM -0500, Nathan Lundquist wrote:
>>> I was wondering if any tutorials existed for setting up unit tests  
>>> for
>>> use with trial. I've done a fair share of googling and only found
>>> tickets suggesting that more documentation be made available for  
>>> trial.
>> Setting up unit tests with trial is (deliberately) almost identical to
>> setting up unit tests with the "unittest" module in Python's standard
>> library. The key differences are:
>>    - Trial provides a subclass of unittest.TestCase called
>>      twisted.trial.unittest.TestCase, which adds the following  
>> features
>>      on top of the standard Python API:
>> 	- t.t.u.TestCase supports testing of Twisted-based code,
>> 	  spinning up the reactor and shutting it down when necessary,
>> 	  etc.
>> 	- t.t.u.TestCase allows the setUp, tearDown and individual test
>> 	  methods to return Deferreds, which causes Trial to wait for
>> 	  those Deferreds to fire before it continues on.
>> 	- t.t.u.TestCase has an expanded set of assertions available,
>> 	  including Twisted-specific ones like failUnlessFailure (to
>> 	  check the Failure object returned by a deferred) but also
>> 	  prettier output for simple ones like failUnlessEqual.
>> 	- t.t.u.TestCase has a 'patch' method which allows you to
>> 	  monkeypatch other code for testing purposes. All patches are
>> 	  reverted at the end of the individual test.
>> 	- t.t.u.TestCase subclasses and even individual test methods can
>> 	  be given a 'skip' property, set to a string describing why
>> 	  that TestCase or test should be skipped. This lets you stop
>> 	  broken tests being reported as failures, but unlike just
>> 	  commenting them out, you don't have to worry that the test
>> 	  will be left out of refactorings or forgotten about and never
>> 	  uncommented. You can even skip tests at runtime, for example
>> 	  if a test is platform specific and the test is being run on
>> 	  the 'wrong' platform.
>>    - Trial will happily run unittest.TestCase test cases, but they
>>      can't use Twisted features like the reactor or deferreds. If
>>      you just want to use Trial as an alternative to nosetests, you
>>      should be fine.
>>    - If you want the automatic test-discovery to work, you need to put
>>      your TestCase classes inside files named "test_whatever.py",
>>      inside a Python package. Then you can just give Trial the name of
>>      the Python package and it will run all the tests it can find
>>      inside it.
>> Is that helpful?
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