[Twisted-Python] testing a unit that spawnsProcess

Nathaniel Haggard natester at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 14:23:30 EDT 2009

What is a good way to unit test this amp responder which will call a
process?  Other things it does are covered with other tests thanks
to the tests I copied from lp:game.  That should be a pretty awesome
game or at least it will work.

Should the test actually spawn a process or only pretend to?
test_process already tests spawnProcess after all.

   def test_StartProcess(self):
       When L{StartProcess} is issued client starts a process and
returns a status code
       responder = self.controller.lookupFunction(StartProcess.commandName)
       d = responder({
               'identifier': self.identifier,

       def gotStartProcess(a):
           # assert something about the process
                                                       <---- what goes here?
       return d

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