[Twisted-Python] Twisted screen scraper manager software for sale

Konrads Smelkovs konrads at smelkovs.com
Mon Oct 19 13:25:40 EDT 2009

 Hello and apologies for offtopic...
I wrote a piece of software for a cancelled project and am looking to sell it.
It is a screen scraper runner and manager web backend. It was built to
extract data from form driven web sites (specific scrapers written are
for swedish home insurance, but is very generic). User submits a json
request with some sort of sructured request, e.g. home size, desired
payout etc. System then runs appropriate scrapers and once complete,
user can poll for data (can be made to push with comet if one so
wishes). It features logging nicietied, database stored scrapers for
quicker code updates and some more bits.
You can check the software at http://rogue.smelkovs.com:8080 and
manual at http://rogue.smelkovs.com:8080/static/manual.doc
I would be happy to sell it (with some modifications if necessary) for 2400 usd.

kick-start your "get best price site" today!

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Konrads Smelkovs
Applied IT sorcery.

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