[Twisted-Python] HTTPClientFactory's deferred never finishing download on .vcf (vcard file) link

Steve Steiner (listsin) listsin at integrateddevcorp.com
Sun Oct 11 13:29:48 EDT 2009

>> I'm having to do the pydoctor vs. Sphinx vs. EpyDoc research  
>> anyway...I'll post it somewhere public and send a link/message to  
>> the list.
> This was raised in July (in a thread you posted to ;).
> http://twistedmatrix.com/pipermail/twisted-python/2009-July/ 
> 020102.html

I knew I'd thought about it before!  I've been slammed with other work  
since then and haven't had to face the "doc monster" again until now.   
I'm pulling docs together on several new modules/packages that have  
been factored out of a large code base and we have a complete mish- 
mosh.  Not as big as Twisted, but much less organized.

Twisted, and probably almost every project of similar size and, more  
particularly, age, has some level of doc fung.  Back in the 'old days'  
the tools were sparse (or bad) enough that the Twisted project made  
some of its own; of course.  So did lots of other people. Also, as  
time went on, more options (like wikis) came about and parts of the  
docs found their way into the mix.

 From reading back over that previous discussion, I realize that my  
main thought was to build a database of what is on hand, from all the  
various sources, then pulling them together into some sort of system  
where they could all be organized, filtered, and finally sent to  
*something* to come out done on the other side.

As far as I know, there is no good answer available off the shelf.

Maybe someone else knows of something?

It could be that it's just something that has to be 'done.'  And, done  
in a comprehensive (and/or extensible) enough way that it will serve  
the needs of other projects, too.

I'm not sure (as I wasn't in July) what the next step is, but it might  
be as simple as writing a simple DocCollector app that pulls  
everything into one database, cross references and indexes it, and  
gets it into some sort of visual presentation that we can start to  
make sense of the whole thing with.

Maybe the first step would be to pull together a list of "everywhere  
we know Twisted docs are known to live" and start pulling it in to see  
where that leads...

Where would be the best place to put the "collector" page where  
everyone would know to look for it and would be able to contribute to  
it (some wiki, but which one?).



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