[Twisted-Python] inlineCallbacks

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Oct 8 08:15:47 EDT 2009

On 6 Oct, 02:47 pm, petshmidt at googlemail.com wrote:
>calling in client code self.cred.login() I can't print login result.
>What I'm doing wrong? login method returns deffered, but should yield
>result from callRemote method.
>Thanks for any help!
>class Cred:
>    @inlineCallbacks
>    def login(self):
>        proxy = Proxy(LOGIN_PROXY)
>        l = {"user":LOGIN_USERNAME, "pass":LOGIN_PASSWD}
>        loginResult = yield proxy.callRemote('login', l)
>        print "RESULT", loginResult.result
>        returnValue(loginResult)

It's hard to tell what's going wrong since this example isn't complete. 
If I assume I know what Proxy does, then the code basically looks right 
- although I suspect you only want to print "loginResult", not 
"loginResult.result".  If you can post an sscce - http://sscce.org/ - 
someone might be able to be of more help.


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