[Twisted-Python] Use of 'twistd' utility with command-line arguments

Valeriy Pogrebitskiy vpogrebi at verizon.net
Thu Oct 1 14:17:07 EDT 2009

I came across some problem using 'twistd' utility - that I would not  
have expected from it. The problem is - using 'twistd' to start  
application that requires command-line arguments. In other words, I  
would expect that 'twistd' passes command-line arguments to Python  
application - just as Python does.

But... I get following error:

Usage: twistd [options]
       --savestats        save the Stats object rather than the text  
output of
                          the profiler.
   -o, --no_save          do not save state on shutdown
   -e, --encrypted        The specified tap/aos/xml file is encrypted.

/usr/bin/twistd: option -a not recognized

when application is started either as 'twistd -y <fileName.py>' or  
'twistd --file <fileName.py>' followed by a list of command-line  

My question is: how is it possible to use 'twistd' to start  
applications that do require command-line arguments? Does anyone have  

In other words, I want to be able to start application using 'twistd'  
- just as it would have been started using standard Python:

 > python    <fileName.py> [argList]
 > twistd -y <fileName.py> [argList]

Second question to Twisted development team: how such an important  
case has slipped attention? I suggest this to be added to bug fix  
requests, with high priority.

Kind regards,

Valeriy Pogrebitskiy
vpogrebi at verizon.net

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