[Twisted-Python] Transfering a transport between DatagramProtocols

Olivier Parisy olivier.parisy at free.fr
Tue Nov 24 16:26:19 EST 2009

I am implementing a protocol where a DatagramProtocol "handshaking" 
subclass get an arbitrary port (by calling "self.udpPort = 
reactor.listenUDP(0, self)") and communicate it to a remote host.

Once this is done, I would like to "switch" to another DatagramProtocol 
which would use the same port. To avoid a race condition, I would like 
to "transfert" self.transport from the first DatagramProtocol to the 
second without calling self.udpPort.stopListening().

Is this the "twisted" way to analyse this? Or should I use some kind of 
"proxy" DatagramProtocol which would relay datagramReceived calls to the 
proper DatagramProtocol, depending on the current protocol state 
(handshaking or data exchange)?


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