[Twisted-Python] Proposal (almost) to switch from Lore to Sphinx

lasizoillo lasizoillo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 05:00:36 EST 2009

2009/11/11 Kevin Horn <kevin.horn at gmail.com>:
> I have written up a proposal here:
> http://twistedsphinx.funsize.net/proposal.html

In this proposal you say:

Development Work
 * fabric fabfile for automation of docs workflow

Future Work
 * This page has some stuff on using cog in RestructuredText comments
to generate the output of sample scripts.

The second point (in Future Work) uses cog that is integrated in paver:
 * Paver allow automation of docs workflow (fabric is not needed).
 * With paver you can create an bootstraped instalation:
 * Paver is compatible with setuptools and distutils.

I think that fabric is great for cluster distributions, but paver is
better for manage docs.


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