[Twisted-Python] PyObjC and Twisted command line script

Jonathan Stoppani jonathan at garetjax.info
Mon Nov 9 12:43:15 EST 2009

Hi David,
I discovered this message in my "sent" (???) mailbox only today, sorry for
the delay...

Anyway, thanks for the response, very clear.
The ticket I was referencing to (I forgot to paste the link) is this
one: http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/2812

ATM I'm communicating with a separate Cocoa application using
notifications and looking forward to use Cocoa Distributed Objects for
greater flexibility, but I'll consider your approach for
future developments.


On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 2:00 AM, David Bolen <db3l.net at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not sure which ticket is being referenced but which Twisted reactor
> are you using?  I've had very good luck with the threadedselect
> reactor, which shouldn't care if your main loop is a GUI or not.  You
> interleave with AppHelper.callAfter, which I think should work fine
> with both runConsoleEventLoopas well as the GUI runEventLoop
> For my part, any OSX console apps I've had to do could just be pure
> Twisted, with no need to integrate with an NSRunLoop, so I'm not that
> familiar with how you best track startup/shutdown in those cases.
> But fundamentally, you install the threadedselect reactor (do that
> before any other code uses "from twisted.internet import reactor"),
> then use "reactor.interleave(AppHelper.callAfter)" to tie the reactor
> in to the normal event loop.  In the Cocoa/NSApplication scenario, I
> use the applicationDidFinishLaunching notification to trigger this.
> During shutdown, wait for the reactor to perform its shutdown so it
> can close things down cleanly, using a reactor trigger to finalize the
> event loop with "AppHelper.stopEventLoop".  Again, presumably you'll
> have some way to determine when this is appropriate in your console
> event loop - in a Cocoa/NSApplication scenario, I use the
> applicationShouldTerminate notification.  (I've tended to install the
> trigger right at that point too, although it could also be done
> earlier)
> Here's a trivial example, where I kluge a startup event.  Presumably
> the reason you are using runConsoleEventLoop is to use other native
> event/input sources based operations, so you might have a more logical
> place or event to identify when to start the twisted integration - all
> that's required is that it be done after the main event loop is
> running.  If not, while I chose a 1s startup delay in this example, it
> was mostly to see the difference in timestamps - you can make the
> initial callLater a timeout of 0, and it'll just run as soon as the
> event loop gets started.
> This example also just terminates after two Twisted-based delayed
> events, but that would also be determined by your own application:
>    """Test console event loop app with Twisted threadedselect reactor"""
>    import time
>    from PyObjCTools import AppHelper
>    from twisted.internet._threadedselect import install
>    reactor = install()
>    class Main(object):
>        def startup(self):
>            print time.ctime(), 'Main starting'
>            reactor.callLater(1, self.callback)
>            reactor.interleave(AppHelper.callAfter)
>        def terminate(self):
>            print time.ctime(), 'Shutting down reactor'
>            reactor.addSystemEventTrigger('after', 'shutdown',
>                                          AppHelper.stopEventLoop)
>            reactor.stop()
>        def callback(self):
>            print time.ctime(), 'I was called by the reactor'
>            reactor.callLater(1, self.terminate)
>    if __name__ == "__main__":
>        main = Main()
>        AppHelper.callLater(1, main.startup)
>        print time.ctime(), 'Starting Event Loop'
>        AppHelper.runConsoleEventLoop()
>        print time.ctime(), 'Terminating'
> When running, this produces:
>    Sun Nov  1 19:53:16 2009 Starting Event Loop
>    Sun Nov  1 19:53:17 2009 Main starting
>    Sun Nov  1 19:53:18 2009 I was called by the reactor
>    Sun Nov  1 19:53:19 2009 Shutting down reactor
>    Sun Nov  1 19:53:19 2009 Terminating
> -- David
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Best Regards,
Jonathan Stoppani

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