[Twisted-Python] Twisted webserver performance issues

Tom Leys leyssw at ihug.co.nz
Sat Nov 7 21:55:49 EST 2009

Thanks for the link info.

I literally just set up Varnish for the first time on my web host, so I 
am no pro. However, varnish uses a c like scripting language that can 
run regexps on the incoming urls and apply rules to them.

What this means is that we can (as a starting point) choose caching 
times for each of those high traffic urls in the varnish script without 
touching trac. In the script, we match the front page (with a regexp) 
and add a max-cache time to 86400, cache it, etc.

See http://www.catalystframework.org/calendar/2008/14
for a great varnish tutorial

By doing that for each of the urls you listed (bar the timeline, which 
should be cached for 1 hour or perhaps 30 minutes instead) we will 
seriously lighten the load on the database and the webserver, even if 
varnish runs on the same machine (as a start).

Every other url (which doesn't have caching set) we could just cache for 
30 minutes (perhaps even a day), but only for anon users (no cookies set 
in browser)


>> On 10:41 pm, leyssw at ihug.co.nz wrote:
>>> Isn't the simplest option to place a decent reverse proxy between the
>>> webserver and our clients?
>> Possibly so!  I gave this a half-hearted attempted a few weeks ago but
>> quickly gave up.  If someone who is familiar with configuring such a
>> proxy would like to help out, perhaps we can get something useful up 
>> and
>> running.
> Actually, I just looked at Varnish again and remembered that because of 
> the way trac sessions work, it's really hard to figure out what may and 
> may not be correctly cached.  I don't know how to resolve this without 
> serious changes to trac itself.
> Jean-Paul
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