[Twisted-Python] PyObjC and Twisted command line script

Jonathan Stoppani jonathan at garetjax.info
Sun Nov 1 05:45:31 EST 2009

Hi All,
I just set up a script to do a video recording from my iSight using
the pyobjc bridge and the QTKit framework.
This script uses the AppHelper.runConsoleEventLoop (not the
AppHelper.runEventLoop) function to start his main event loop.

I'd like to integrate this script with an existing twisted application
but I have trouble to bring it to work.

The application is a command line based twisted application managed
via AMQP (no user interaction is needed) and started using the twistd

I tried to install the cfreactor but without success as I have to use
the runConsoleEventLoop.

Any insights on this?

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,
Jonathan Stoppani

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