[Twisted-Python] Twisted conch - ssh question

Paul Swartz paulswartz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 11:39:42 EDT 2009

On 03/31/2009 12:44 AM, Ameya Lokare wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to get the sshsimpleserver.py and sshsimpleclient.py from the
> examples
> <http://twistedmatrix.com/projects/conch/documentation/examples/> to
> talk to each other. Both work fine with the standard linux ssh
> client/server respectively, but I couldn't get them to communicate with
> each other. All I want to do is simple data transfers to and fro, over
> the SSH channel (no commands to be executed). I could get the session
> established, but couldn't figure out how to do send data across from the
> client to the server. I tried channel.write, but that didn't appear to
> work. Sorry if this is too trivial a question, I'm a newbie to both
> Python and twisted. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The two examples aren't made to work with each other. 
sshsimpleclient.py executes 3 commands on the remote server: `true`, 
`false`, and `cat`.  sshsimpleserver.py doesn't accept commands: a shell 
opened up will server as a simple echo server.

Paul Swartz
paulswartz at gmail dot com
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