[Twisted-Python] strange server crash

Alec Matusis matusis at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 24 21:25:48 EDT 2009

This server crashed again today, again during maximum load for the day.
This time, no errors in the twisted log, and not even a segfault message in /var/log/messages : the pid simply ceased to exist.
Once again, this machine runs 8 twisted servers, but this one is slightly different from the others, and the error happened after the code for this server has been slightly modified.
I do not think this is the bad RAM anymore, because there's one particular server that keeps crashing on this machine.

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> >Very strange. I am not using any custom C extensions...
> >In the last two days, it has been under larger load, and it has not
> >crashed.
> >I will update to Python 2.6 soon.
> Have you tested for bad RAM on that server?  The error mode is
> sufficiently weird and rare to make me suspect cosmic rays.
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