[Twisted-Python] Re: So how does everyone use an ORM in twisted?

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Mar 18 07:43:06 EDT 2009

> I guess what I always run into with ORMs is that I'm rarely lucky
> enough to have my Python module be the only user of the database, and

Very strongly agreed.

One of the things I hate about most ORMs is their desire to define the 
SQL schema for you - they mostly do a half-assed job because the "model" 
seldom contains enough information to define an efficient schema.

SQLAlchemy is better than most in that regard, since you can reflect an 
existing schema, but frankly I just reflect into table objects and use 
the query builder - the only things the ORM adds are a false sense of 

"Proper" object databases e.g. ZODB, Durus et. al. are a completely 
different matter, and often very nice (though still not very easy to 
integrate with Twisted). I imagine Axiom is closer to these than to SQL.

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