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I have an existing application, written using Ice Middleware


This application is my source of infinite queue (server)


Following is my application (processing client to my infinite queue
server) idea to be implemented using Twisted Framework.


I can loop through my infinite queue and receive email data (Using
.next() kind of function)


Using this email data object, I need to trigger event to send email
using ESMTPSenderFactory and ESMTPSender. As, later I would be extending
ESMTP* classes to do my little funky stuff.


What is the best code design I can use to implement this stuff.


Following is basic algorithm kind of code I am doing right now, but I
feel I am missing something.



#Code Begins Here: .tac file



import StringIO


from twisted.application import service 


from twisted.application import internet

from twisted.internet import protocol, defer

from twisted.mail import smtp, relaymanager

from twisted.internet import reactor


Def process_queue:

    While True:


                Data = my_queue.next()








reactor.callLater(0, process_queue)



application = service.Application("SMTP Client Tutorial")


class SMTPTutorialClient(smtp.ESMTPClient):

    mailFrom = "test at test.com"

    mailTo = "receiver at test.com"

    mailData = '''\

Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 10:14:39 -0800

From: Test <test at test.com>

To: Receiver <receiver at test.com>

Subject: Test Mail!


Hello, how are you, goodbye.




    def __init__(self, secret="", identity="", data = ""):

        smtp.ESMTPClient.__init__(self, secret=secret,

        self.secret = secret

        self.identity = identity

        self.data = data


    def getMailFrom(self):

        result = self.mailFrom

        self.mailFrom = None

        return result


    def getMailTo(self):

        return [self.mailTo]


    def getMailData(self):

        return StringIO.StringIO(self.mailData+self.data)


    def sentMail(self, code, resp, numOk, addresses, log):

        print 'Sent', numOk, 'messages'



def getMailExchange(host):

    def cbMX(mxRecord):

        return str(mxRecord.name)

    return relaymanager.MXCalculator().getMX(host).addCallback(cbMX)


class SMTPClientFactory(protocol.ClientFactory):

    protocol = SMTPTutorialClient

    def __init__(self, data):

        self.data = data


    def buildProtocol(self, addr):

        return self.protocol(secret=None, identity='example.com',


def cbMailExchange(exchange, data):

    smtpClientService = internet.TCPClient(exchange, 2500,







#Code Ends Here



I have couple of #reactor.run() commented code, I feel like lost between
application and reactor based code.


My understanding is that function process_queue drives the control flow
of my application. Please correct me.


What is happening is, when my loop is finished in function
process_queue, then only actual events of SMTP factory and protocol
objects are created.


Therefore, I am not getting event driven code, which is the beauty of
Twisted Framework.


Please advice the best document to look and fix this code.



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