[Twisted-Python] too many file descriptors in select

John Aherne johnaherne at rocs.co.uk
Tue Mar 3 11:39:46 EST 2009

I have started to get this message coming up on a fairly regular basis now.

I have an application that is very simple and has run by and large without
problem for about 7 months. But over the pas 4 - 6 weeks has started to
produce this error 'too many file descriptors in select'. The application
basically falls over at this point, since it can't service any more

I am running on Windows XP sp2, python 2.4.4, twisted 2.5.

The application consists of about 150+ vehicles sending back gps tracks
every 20 seconds. We collect these, log them, store them in a database and
then update a current status. So nothing very elaborate.

I have been through the archives to search for some help and have found some
discussion of the problem going back to 2004, but nothing that looks like
something I could get a handle on to solving my problem. In fact most of the
information seems rather inconclusive especially with regard to Windows.

If there is a 'so-called solution' with an update or some sort of workround-
that would be great. Or is it a practical proposition to attempt to trap the
error myself and potentially restart the service or the whole application.
Or is there a different and better path to take.

Of course I am not sure how I would get in to pick up the exception and deal
with it. So if that is a starter I wouldn't object to some help on that.

Anyway thanks for any feedback.

John Aherne
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