[Twisted-Python] monitoring twisted services / processes

Michele - isahn74 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 06:49:54 EST 2009



I'm currently working on a PoC with twisted, Python, to prove the
technology as an alternative to more
established enterprise choices (java app servers, etc..).

The idea is to build lightweight services to process atomic "chunks"
of business processes, that can scale
horizontally as much as needed proven that the common persistence
layer (a db) scales.
The idea is already working in a non python approach, so the attempt
is to prove that it's quicker and easier to maintain
if built with twisted/python.

the question is: if I have N number of processes running in a M number
of machines, given that there are no network restriction,
and that at least http and hhtps are always available, how these
services would be efficiently monitored?

is there a twisted application/plugin/framework to do so? are you just
create 'polling' requests that an existing monitoring tool (i.e.
parses and interprets? How would you build a "console" to manage
services status?
In a nutshell, what I'm trying to find out if there is already around
a "container-like" twisted based application that can be used to
twisted applications provided that they adhere to a given interface

Thanks for your help


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