[Twisted-Python] order of remote requests

Andrew Bennetts andrew at bemusement.org
Tue Dec 29 03:47:30 EST 2009

Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
> Hi,
> when I send two remote calls A and B over the network, in that
> order, using the twisted perspective broker callRemote method,
> is it granted that A is processed first on the other side even
> if B  arrives first? Or should I only send B after I got an
> answer to A?

It depends on the server, and what exactly you want to happen.

Perspective broker can have many concurrent remote calls on the same
connection, and depending on how the server is implemented it might
process those sequentially in the order they arrive, or concurrently, or
even in an arbitrary order.

So if call A really must be completed before starting B, then the client
must not make call B until it knows A has finished.


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