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Hi Cary:

>One of the goals for the Pycon sprint was to develop user oriented >overviews for existing documentation. These would ideally guide users >through everything they would need to read in order to accomplish a >desired goal with Twisted.

>I've formulated the following 'track' suggestions based on a conversation >in the sprint room a few nights ago. Feedback would be greatly >appreciated.

Sadly I couldn't make it to PyCon 2009 this year. However I would add two things.

1) A Section on Control Flow. 

In my PyCon 2008 talk, I tried to explain what the control flow of a Twisted programme was. I consider this lack of information a deficiency in the Fettig book (a book that helped me). I needed to understand control flow to solve my problem. I believe how control flow understand how Twisted can provide a form of non-preemptive multitasking without threads. It also explains how to structure a Twisted programme.

2) The Class Hierarchy

I believe a source of confusion is over how the classes are used. It would be good to have something like UML class diagrammes.


P.S - one of these days I have to fix the slides for "Adventures" and write the paper companion


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