[Twisted-Python] Documentation overviews

Cary Hull cary.hull at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 12:05:27 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

One of the goals for the Pycon sprint was to develop user oriented overviews
for existing documentation.
These would ideally guide users through everything they would need to read
in order to accomplish a desired goal with Twisted.

I've formulated the following 'track' suggestions based on a conversation in
the sprint room a few nights ago.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.



#   The basics of event driven applications (beginner)

#   No hand holding, just the facts (advanced, already familiar with
concepts involved)

#   Testing Twisted applications

#   Driving processes (interactively or otherwise)

#   Custom protocols

#   When it makes sense to use threads

#   Persisting application data (Would cover various options including

#   Task scheduling (Would cover various options including Axiom)

#   Web clients

#   Web applications using just Twisted

#   Web applications using WSGI (Maybe show how to run Django)

#   Mail clients

#   Mail servers

#   SSH clients

#   SSH servers

#   XMPP (Jabber) clients

#   XMPP (Jabber) servers

#   Multiple servers in a single application

#   GUI applications (non web)

#   Networked video games
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