[Twisted-Python] irc server run by twisted and (probably) django

Manuel Meyer manuel at vikingosegundo.de
Wed Oct 29 12:59:05 EDT 2008

Thanks for you great reply! I will have a look on it!

> I've done a similar type project but with a mailserver built using
> twisted.mail. I used django.contrib.admin to help manage the db for
> the mailserver config. From the mailservers, I was able to get by with
> 5 min Looping Calls to the database to build the required config data
> and just cached the data until the next successful db call .  While
> not entirely applicable to your problem,  I wanted to bring it up
> because of the slightly different choice I made on how to gather data
> out of the database. As the previous poster mentioned, I didn't want
> to mess around with concurrency and decided that my mailservers (2 of
> them now) would not care about each other and just get their config
> data out of the database.
> Where I also differ is I couldn't afford a sql query per each
> connections MAIL FROM or RCPT TO. So I had to make it slightly more
> flexible while still meeting the requirement of a database stored
> config.  I basically choose a delayed Pull approach.  One upshot is I
> coded the sql calls so that the config data survives a database
> failure and just keeps working with it's previous data grab.  I also
> coded a twisted.web service administration page that allows for a
> manual reload of the data on the individual server if an emergency
> came up and I absolutely needed the config to change.  It's a
> different flavor you can use if you know your data is fairly static
> and the number of people changing the data is low.
> Now back to your problem... I've also used the spread toolkit before
> (no not the twisted.spread.. and yes... OSS name collision). If I were
> writing such an app, and thought I'd be using a number of servers for
> the service; I'd consider using spread to keep things the same on all
> servers and for anything else I needed quickly.  You'd still want a
> database, you just aren't always using sql to pull data that you need.
> You are using the spread bus and your IRC twisted app (more likely a
> service within your twisted app) is just listening for the data that
> you deem high priority.   Commonly referred to as a Push approach.
> http://www.spread.org
> Someone out there has done some work with spread and twisted.  I don't
> know how well the code works. As for django, it'd be pretty easy to
> send a spread message.
> http://anarkystic.com/devdev/spreader-intro
> Hope you get some ideas.
> -rob
> On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 1:56 PM, Phil Christensen <phil at bubblehouse.org 
> > wrote:
>> On Oct 16, 2008, at 4:26 PM, Manuel Meyer wrote:
>>> But I don't know how to inform IRCServer about changes in the site/ 
>>> db.
>>> Maybe by adding another network protocol to the twisted  
>>> application, where
>>> django's signals could leave a note?
>> I may be missing something, but if you keep all your data in the  
>> DB, there's
>> no need to notify the irc server of changes to the DB.
>> The only time you'll need this user information (it seems) is while
>> responding to /join and /list requests. Just read the DB at that  
>> time.
>> What's nice about this is the DB takes care of most if not all of  
>> your
>> synchronization requirements, so you have far fewer concurrency  
>> issues to
>> think about than if you were broadcasting changes from the web app  
>> to the
>> irc server.
>> -phil
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