[Twisted-Python] problem with Twisted and Processing

David Ripton dripton at ripton.net
Thu Oct 16 13:09:33 EDT 2008

On 2008.10.16 21:21:35 +0800, davy zhang wrote:
> I used Processing package for python 2.5 which became an official
> package of python 2.6 named multipleprocess. 


> Here's the problem the code below is pretty simple and works fine
> until I tried to get access of the first element in the list, I can
> even print the whole list, but i just can not get the elements inside.
> I guess there's something get conflicted in these two packages, anyone
> knows why?

This is not a Twisted problem.  You're just using Processing wrong.

You're trying to shove a MyChat instance inside your Manager list.  But
Manager only supports a few types by default.  So you either need a
BaseManager subclass with a handler for MyChat, or you need to convert
your MyChat objects to a supported type (for example, by calling str()
on them) before passing them across shared memory.

David Ripton    dripton at ripton.net

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