[Twisted-Python] Win32 binaries for Python 2.6

Werner Thie wthie at thiengineering.ch
Tue Oct 14 01:16:18 EDT 2008

If you're simply interested in using twisted as a package for 
development then create a file with the name twisted.pth with the 
following single line


in your

'C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages' directory

If you plan to use the twistd script then additionally create a file 
with the name twistd.bat with the content

@echo off
C:\Python26\python.exe C:\proj\twisted\bin\twistd %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

in your


assuming that the twistd distribution is hanging out at 'C:\proj\twisted'

For additional scripts do accordingly and make sure that the PATH 
variable contains 'C:\Python26\Scripts'

I rarely install packages into my python distributions these days, one 
exception being some basic binary ones like zope interfaces and the 
win32 extensions and doing all my Python development on MSW with Aptana 
Studio/PyDev and distributing code mostly to OpenBSD or FreeBSD

HTH, Werner

Paul Moore wrote:
> Does anyone know when Twisted installers for Python 2.6 on Windows are 
> likely to be available?
> Thanks,
> Paul
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