[Twisted-Python] troubles with FTP server and async file writing

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Fri Oct 3 21:26:18 EDT 2008

Howdy all.. who's interested in the VFS or FTP code these days?

I'm in the process of writing an FTP frontend for Tahoe[1], and the STOR
command is causing me problems. Tahoe is a virtual filesystem that spreads
files and directories over a grid of backend servers to achieve high
reliability and availability. Once the STOR command finishes transferring the
file (over the separate DTP connection), the Tahoe node springs into action:
encrypting, hashing, erasure-coding, uploading, and finally modifying a
parent directory (which is also distributed) to reference the new child. This
whole process takes time, maybe a second or two for a small file, potentially
minutes if you're uploading a large file over a slow network. Naturally, the
Tahoe upload() method returns a Deferred, that fires when the whole process
is complete.

The trouble is, it looks like Twisted's FTP server is not designed to handle
asynchronous uploads. The specific problem is in the way that
twisted.protocols.ftp.FTP.ftp_STOR() interacts with the IConsumer that it
gets.. the sequence goes like this:

 1: ftp_STOR fetches an IWriteFile instance  (via Deferred)
 2: cbOpened() calls IWriteFile.receive to get an IConsumer (via Deferred)
 3: cbConsumer() hands it to dtpInstance.registerConsumer (via Deferred)
 4: FTP.registerConsumer() sends it a registerProducer() (synchronous)
    it returns the self._onConnLost Deferred
 5: data is sent over the DTP connection, written to the consumer
 6: the DTP connection is closed, _onConnLost is fired
 7:  DTP._unregConsumer sends unregisterProducer(), and ignores the result
 8:  FTP.cbConsumer()'s chain regains control, runs cbSent (via Deferred)
 9:  cbSent returns 226 Transfer Complete
 10: the Deferred chain finally unwinds, firing the Deferred that was
     returned from ftp_STOR, which sends the 226 back to the client

Most of these steps use Deferreds, so the opening of the file can take as
long as we need, but since DTP._unregConsumer ignores the result of
consumer.unregisterProducer in step #7, there's no way for the backend to
stall the delivery of the 226 until the file has actually been uploaded.

We need something to address this, because FTP clients are correctly assuming
that once they get the 226 Transfer Complete, the file will be in place.

I'm not sure how to best fix this. It seems like something needs to interact
with either the IConsumer or the IWriteFile to ask "are you done uploading
yet". If it wouldn't be so horribly wrong I'd suggest redefining IConsumer's
unregisterProducer() to return a Deferred, and then modify the FTP client (in
DTP._unregConsumer) to pass that Deferred back to the chain, something like:

--- twisted/protocols/ftp.py    (revision 24956)
+++ twisted/protocols/ftp.py    (working copy)
@@ -451,10 +451,10 @@
     def _unregConsumer(self, ignored):
-        self._cons.unregisterProducer()
+        d = defer.maybeDeferred(self._cons.unregisterProducer)
         self._cons = None
         del self._onConnLost
-        return ignored
+        return d

But, as far as I can tell, IConsumers aren't meant to work this way:
detaching a producer doesn't really mean that there won't be more data at
some point in the future, just that this particular producer is no longer

IFinishableConsumer, though, has a 'finish' method, which is actually used in
a couple of other places in twisted/protocols/ftp.py . So Plan B would be:

 * declare that IWriteFile.receive() must return an IFinishableConsumer
   instead of merely an IConsumer
 * document that IFinishableConsumer.finish() will be called after
   unregisterProducer, and document what happens in the case of exceptions
 * redefine IFinishableConsumer.finish() to be allowed to return a Deferred
 * modify FTP.ftp_STOR.cbConsumer to wait for this Deferred before sending
   the 226 response, something like:

--- twisted/protocols/ftp.py    (revision 24956)
+++ twisted/protocols/ftp.py    (working copy)
@@ -1049,6 +1049,7 @@
                 cons = ASCIIConsumerWrapper(cons)
             d = self.dtpInstance.registerConsumer(cons)
+            d.addCallback(lambda res: cons.finish())
             d.addCallbacks(cbSent, ebSent)
             # Tell them what to doooo

But it doesn't look like IFinishableConsumer.finish() is meant to be used
this way either: the docstring has no mention of return value, or if/when it
gets called, and the FTP client is the only code in all of Twisted that uses
it (and all that does is a synchronous transport.loseConnection).

I guess Plan C would be to involve the IWriteFile instance, adding a finish()
method of some sort, making this an FTP-specific solution.

So, any thoughts? Something like this just at the VFS level would allow
backends to use asynchronous-writes, which feels like a significant gap in
the current functionality. It might be better to address it at the IConsumer
level, but that would touch more (and better-established) code.


[1]: http://allmydata.org/

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