[Twisted-Python] suggestions for naming to help us preserve a Twisted trademark

Trent Nelson tnelson at onresolve.com
Tue Jun 10 13:35:12 EDT 2008

> AFAIK if someone infringes you're trademark you are obliged to enforce
> your trademark or lose it, the afore mentioned two people Glyph is not
> happy with who are using the word 'Twisted' would need to receive a
> C&D off the bat. Does Twisted Labs have the resources to put into
> maintaining their trademark?

I found almost the exact opposite to what you're stating here when I looked into acquiring trademarks for some company stuff a while back.  You're not obliged to do anything; it simply provides you with a legal grounding if you wish to challenge a party that you believe has infringed upon your trademark (assuming it's to your detriment; you wouldn't pursue a 'Twisted Fruits', a company down the street that brands their produce with a big 'Twisted' sticker).

It's up to you to enforce your trademark, there's no governing body that does it; such a body only comes in to play to arbitrate disputes.  I've never heard of an obligation to enforce your trademark "or lose it" as you put it.

> Timothy J Stebbing


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