[Twisted-Python] Modifying Conch example

Pump Kin nextofpumpkin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 04:39:19 EDT 2008

Hello! I'm trying to implement the example in the Conch tutorial (
with some modifications.

I want to do the following:

1) Connect to a remote machine using a private key (no password) without
knowing the public key
2) Transfer over some files
3) Issue a series of non-interactive commands (to fire up the scripts I
transferred over)
4) Close the connection

Step 2) I can easily do with a single non-interactive subprocess.Popen()
call to SCP; if there was a way to do it in pure Twisted-Python that would
be great, but i'm not too worried about that.

Step 1) Is really bugging me here; I can't seem to strip the need for
foreknowledge of the public key from the script. I can't easily
programmatically access that information in my use case. I do however have
ready access to the private key and fingerprint for verification. My
modified tutorial scripts just vomit.

Step 3) Is a just a little annoying; The provided tutorial only issues one
command and reads the stdout.  I don't care about stdout in my use-case, but
i do care about issuing a series of commands. i could just issue one long
command with the indivudal subcommands seperated by semicolons (cat blah;
start-script myscript; [etc]) but i'm wondering for curiosity/cleanliness'
sake if there's a way of seperating the commands.

Any help would be much appreciated =]


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