[Twisted-Python] Converting async to sync code (blocking until deferreds fire)

Jack Whitham jack-tp at cs.york.ac.uk
Tue Jul 22 10:22:33 EDT 2008

> >What is the best way to convert asynchronous code (non-blocking,
> >returning deferreds) to synchronous code (blocking)? 

Ok, I've considered all three of the suggested solutions, and
I think Phil Mayer's suggestion of "yield" suits my requirements
best. In the hope of helping others with a similar problem I
will summarise the suggestions.

1. t.i.threads.blockingCallFromThread 
   This method blocks until a callback/errback is called,
   but it *doesn't* run the reactor's event loop, so you 
   need at least two threads: one to block, and another to run
   the reactor. Therefore it can only be used to convert async to
   sync code in a multithreaded environment. My programs are single
   threaded so this doesn't work. And as Barry Wark points out,
   threads are not a "favored solution" :).

2. Trial _wait
   twisted.trial.unittest has a _wait method which is used by some
   tests to wait for deferreds to fire. However, the only clean
   way to use this _wait method is to write a test case! If this
   were C++ or Java, this method would be "private" - it's only
   externally accessible because Python doesn't have "private".

3. yield
   Since my program is not multithreaded and not a test case,
   the use of yield is most suitable. Here is how yield is used
   in this context:
   This does have some restrictions, not least that Python 2.5 is
   needed. When you use "yield" in a method, it becomes a 
   generator, with different semantics to a conventional method. 
   Nevertheless, your code *looks* like a sequential program.

I'd like to thank everyone who made a suggestion, this has 
been very helpful!

Jack Whitham
jack at cs.york.ac.uk

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