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Matthew Glubb matt at madebykite.com
Mon Feb 25 03:27:05 EST 2008

I make use of the twisted web proxy.

I tend to set it up as a cache_peer parent of a standard squid  
installation. In this setup it works well. I can use squid ACLs to  
only direct the traffic that my twisted proxy should handle to the  
cache_peer. Squid takes care of the persistent connections to the  
client, at least (not sure what the overhead for non-persistent  
connections on the loopback address are but it's got to be a lot less).

If anyone is interested, I have implemented a basic ICP protocol in  


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On 25 Feb 2008, at 08:08, Andrew Warkentin wrote:

> Vasil Vangelovski wrote:
>> I'm trying to set up a http proxy which will write redirects to the
>> client if it requests certain uri but work as a normal proxy for
>> others. Can this be done with the higher level proxy classes, if so,
>> how?
> Not easily. The proxy classes included with Twisted only really  
> work for a simple transparent non-authenticating proxy. Also,  
> twisted.web2.proxy was incomplete and didn't work the last time I  
> checked. twisted.web.proxy works, but is only compatible with HTTP/ 
> 1.0 and does not allow persistent connections or pipelining.
> <shameless plug>
> I am in the process of writing a Twisted-based proxy that supports  
> filter plugins (the site is http://xuproxy.sourceforge.net).  
> Currently, it is in an alpha state (transparent HTTP proxying with  
> pipelining support appears to be fully working, but there may be  
> major bugs lurking), so I wouldn't recommend using it for  
> production use.
> </shameless plug>
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