[Twisted-Python] Re: Twisted and python-ogre

Stefan Rank list-ener at strank.info
Thu Feb 14 14:05:24 EST 2008

on 14.02.2008 17:01 Jean-Paul Calderone said the following:
> On Thu, 14 Feb 2008 16:32:30 +0100, Thomas Boucher 
> <thomas.boucher at student.ecp.fr> wrote:
>> What I would like to do is to put properly Twisted and python-ogre
>> together. To do that I have already tried the following ways :
>> But it seems more logical to run ptyhon-ogre in the main loop and
>> twisted on the side (in another thread for example, as soon as the 
>> client has decided to connect to the server). Have you any ideas how I 
>> could do this properly (with threads, without threads, with the 
>> coiterrate ...)?
> The best solution would be to really integrate the two loops.  I don't know
> the details of OGRE though, so I can't tell you specifically how to do 
> this.
> It is tightly dependent on the details of the loops being integrated.

I use python-ogre plus twisted:
no threads, twisted has control and a LoopingCall triggers a basic Ogre 
iteration step (similar to the coiteration idea the OP referenced).
Using a LoopingCall provides automatic frame-rate limitation, the 
coiteration code gives render-as-often-as-possible.

Twisted's main loop is by far more complicated than Ogre's default loop, 
the latter simply runs pumpmessages-render-callframelisteners as often 
as possible and is easier to integrate into twisted's.


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