[Twisted-Python] snmp

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Sat Feb 2 04:29:32 EST 2008

OoO  En cette  nuit striée  d'éclairs du  samedi 02  février  2008, vers
02:39, Fred C <fred at bsdhost.net> disait:

> For a project I need to fiddle with snmp. I did a search on google and
> an I have found a lot of mailing list archives about twistedsnmp and
> pysnmp. All these post seems very old (more than 4 years old), and out
> of fashion. Can some one tell me what people are using these days to
> plain with snmp ?

The big problem with twistedsnmp  is that it does not support officially
pysnmp 4,  does not work with pysnmp  2, works with pysnmp  3 which does
not exist any more and is optimized for an hybrid version pysnmp-se 2.5.

The  other drawback  is  that it  is  not maintained  any  more and  the
upstream seems to be unresponsive.

Aside  Justin  suggestion, you  can  also  look  at pynetsnmp  which  is
maintained   by   the   ZenOSS   project.   This   one   only   supports
manager-side. And documentation is a bit scarce.
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