[Twisted-Python] Problem with Jelly

Simon Pickles sipickles at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 26 15:10:13 EDT 2008


I thought I was following the doc 'Passing Complex Types' but am still 
getting unsecure Jellies.

I've got a file, imported by both pb.Client and pb.Server:


class GameObject:
    # full of stuff
class PortableGameObject(GameObject, pb.Copyable):

class GameObjectReceiver(GameObject, pb.RemoteCopy):

pb.setUnjellyableForClass(PortableGameObject, GameObjectReceiver)


The client is trying to send an instance of a PortableGameObject thru 
PB, but the server spits out:

twisted.spread.jelly.InsecureJelly: Module jellyable.gameObject not 
allowed (in type jellyable.gameObject.PortableGameObject).

Why does it refer to 'Module jellyable.gameObject'? I know I am sending 
this thru the pipe:

Sat Apr 26 20:06:57 2008 - BROKER: Do Remote Call - target: None, msg: 
OBJECT_CHANGESECTOR, data: (<jellyable.gameObject.PortableGameObject 
instance at 0x87bab4c>,)

I remember reading that it is crucial to get the naming right on send 
and receive. How have I got it wrong?




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