[Twisted-Python] Strange behavior when transferring large strings

Gabriel Rossetti mailing_lists at evotex.ch
Tue Apr 22 15:07:39 EDT 2008


I have been trying to use the producer/consumer paradigm to transfer 
large strings. I've been having trouble because I have strange things 
going on, but I now suspect it isn't the P/C that's not working, because 
it works fine with smaller strings than the ones I'm having trouble 
with, so I suspect the problem comes from elsewhere. What happens is it 
starts off fine, but then the destination at some point only gets part 
of the string but the source has already sent everything, closed it's 
transport and called stopProducing(). Could there be some internal 
buffering problem, like I'm sending too much data at too high of a 
throughput, or maybe something like some sort of max time a socket can 
stay open or something? If I tell it to split the string up into smaller 
parts, it doesn't change anything, if I make the string smaller, 
whatever the size of each chunk, it transfers fine.


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