[Twisted-Python] "glue" problem

Dr Pythoniac dr.pythoniac at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 19 11:24:48 EDT 2008

Hi all

concerning twisted.web:

How do I run once-per-application stuff ?

Assume, I want to put sth into the static.Registry or  I want to read in some application data from a file, so that every resource can use it.

My main problem can be split in two:

- where do it do it (using twistd) ? 
Please no complicated plugin (or alike) suggestions. I'm seeing red just hearing 'zope' ...

- how can resource scripts use it ?

Probably this is an idiots question but I have sth. like 8 Browsertabs open with twisted "docu" and getting more and more confused by hunting pieces of information that are just splattered all over the site.

Additional: Is there any docu about twistd ? How can I use all its miracles rather than just dumbly guess and try an err and try and err and ... ?

Yes, I'm demotivated and pissed far over the edge. Forgive me.


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