[Twisted-Python] Epoll Memory Issues

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Sun Apr 13 01:54:25 EDT 2008

On 12 Apr, 08:53 pm, matt at madebykite.com wrote:
>Hi All,
>First of all, I'd like to offer a belated thanks for Twisted and 
>congratulations on releasing version 8.

>Today, out of desperation, I switched the reactor from epoll to 
>select. Guess what? No more memory leak.

The fifty thousand dollar question: can you reduce this to a minimal 
example?  It would be a _huge_ help in tracking down the problem.  While 
we can guess what's going on in your production environment, we 
obviously can't watch it happening.  Can you reproduce it in test?

Also (if you haven't done this already) can you file a ticket for this 
>My environment is Linux 2.6, Python 2.5.2, Twisted 8.0.1, twistd. I 
>was wondering whether anyone could cast any light on this matter? I  am 
>pretty sure that this isn't an issue specific to my code but I  would 
>be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced similar  problems. 
>I would like to be able to switch back to epoll for obvious  reasons, 
>but at the moment, I am not confident in running the Twisted  epoll 

That's a bummer.  We fixed a nasty bug in the epoll reactor in 8.0 
(#2809) and I was hoping it would be in better shape for this release. 
However, we're trying to do more regular releases.  I hope that you can 
help us get this leak issue resolved for 8.1!

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